Kids are different. Their care should be too.

Hospice is so much more than most people think it is, especially for pediatric patients. Learn more about the Kids at Heart philosophy below.

Our Services

The hospice benefit can be understood as empathetic and holistic care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice adopts an interdisciplinary, team-based approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to patients and families.

Hospice for children is unique. Pediatric patients continuing aggressive treatment may elect hospice in addition to their existing treatment. This care model, called Concurrent Care, allows pediatric patients to receive expert pain and symptom management from an interdisciplinary care team wherever they call home without sacrificing treatment options.

Levels of Care

Hospice can be provided wherever patients call home. Within the hospice benefit, multiple levels of care are available. The most common level of care is routine home, providing care from an interdisciplinary care team according to a patient's unique needs in the patient's home setting. General inpatient care is selected when patients' needs exceed what is possible in their normal place of residence. Continuous care is chosen when around-the-clock service is required for a certain period of time. Finally, respite care is provided to alleviate the caretaking burdens on patients' families and friends.

  1. Routine Home Care

  2. General Inpatient care

  3. Continuous Care

  4. Respite Care

"I love this hospice."

-Kids at Heart Family

"We received so much more than we expected."

-Kids at Heart Family

"We've received so much more than we expected."

Most patients and families say they wish they had chosen hospice sooner.

Individualized Care Plan

We work with you and your child to develop an individualized plan of care unique to your needs. Our interdisciplinary care team, and your pediatrician if you choose, assist you in determining which services will benefit you and your child the most. Once your care plan is created, it is not set in stone; as your child's needs and desires change, our team will collaborate with you and your pediatrician to ensure your child's wishes are met.

Other Services

Durable Medical Equipment

Hospice covers all durable medical equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis. This includes items like wheelchairs, hospital beds, diapers, oxygen, and wound care materials.


Our nurses obtain orders for your child's medications from the physician. We work with our contracted pharmacy to provide any medications related to the primary diagnosis. Your nurse will review your child's medication supply with you during visits to ensure you have everything you need and that your child's symptoms are effectively managed.


The hospice benefit also provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, radiation, infusion therapy, and other comforting treatments if they are included in the plan of care and approved by the physician.