The Care at Heart Family

Care at Heart's progressive outlook has lead to constant evolution as we continue to strive to meet the needs of our patients and communities and expand our excellent service further upstream into the care continuum. Heart of Hospice, our founding brand, has become one branch within the larger Care at Heart family. Kids at Heart is a program of Heart of Hospice. Please explore our brands and their respective missions below.

At Care at Heart, our vision is to transform the end-of-life care continuum in the communities we serve. We strive to bring this vision to fruition by fulfilling the mission of each of our service lines.

At Heart of Hospice, we believe all hospice-eligible patients and those who love them deserve the best care at the end of life. Our mission is to serve all of them the way they desire to be served.

Kids at Heart is a program under Heart of Hospice. We strive to serve all who need us and have always accepted pediatric patients. Our pediatric program ensures all our care team members receive training on the unique needs of children and their loved ones at the end of life as well as collaborate with local, expert pediatricians to provide the best care possible.

The Heart of Hospice Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting terminally-ill patients and their families in financial crisis: paying for a utility bill, providing basic needs such as groceries, or granting a patient’s last wish. The Foundation also supports volunteer and community education, and research to advance care at the end of life.

At Palliative Care at Heart, our mission is to serve patients with advanced-stage illness by providing specialized comfort care, helping them make the most of their lives. Our program can be designed to meet facility and physician unique needs as either a consultative, assess and treat, or co-manage model. We have launched Palliative Care at Heart in multiple markets.

Supportive Care at Heart is our response to the Primary Care First – Seriously Ill Population (SIP) demonstration model. We hope to create a functioning, holistic healthcare continuum that guides patients and their loved ones along their care journey, starting with their initial diagnosis of an advanced chronic illness. Whether our patients stabilize through symptom management, reconnect with community based primary care, or transition to hospice services, our goal is to ensure they are supported the entire way.

Hospice Myths is a free, educational resource for families and communities to learn more about the hospice benefit and dispel any myths that may dissuade them from electing the quality care they are entitled to. This site is a joint effort with other industry experts and our partners to provide diverse perspectives on a wide array of topics.