Care from our heart to yours.

Kids at Heart provides hospice and palliative care to children with life-threatening illnesses as well as support for their loved ones.

Helping kids be kids.

When most people think about hospice and palliative care, they do not think about children, but children deserve access to the holistic benefit of hospice and palliative care just as adults do.

Hospice for children is unique. Pediatric patients continuing aggressive treatment may elect hospice in addition to their existing treatment. This care model, called Concurrent Care, allows pediatric patients to receive expert pain and symptom management from an interdisciplinary care team wherever they call home without sacrificing treatment options.

"I never had hope until I had hospice."

Our philosophy of care makes us different from other hospice providers. We believe that all hospice-eligible patients and those who love them deserve the best care at the end of life. We live this every day by meeting patients and families where they are, striving to serve all eligible patients and making your goals of care our goals of care.

To hear a testimonial from a family we have the honor of serving, watch "The truth about hospice: Patients and families do not have to give up hope."

Kids are different. Their care should be too.

Kids at Heart was developed in collaboration with the expertise of Dr. Conrad Williams, Medical Director of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Children's Hospital Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Program.

Prior to his current role, Dr. Williams served as the Medical Director of the Palliative Care Team at the Children's National Health System. He received his B.S. from Tulane University School of Medicine and completed his Pediatric Residency at MUSC.

It's normal to have questions

How will I afford hospice?

If your child qualifies, the hospice benefit is 100% covered by Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. Most insurance plans also cover hospice care, but coinsurance and any remaining deductible may apply. We accept eligible patients regardless of their ability to pay.

It's normal to have questions

Where can my child receive hospice care?

At Heart of Hospice, we care for patients wherever they call home. Our patients are in their own homes throughout the community.

It's normal to have questions

Does my child have to stop treatment to have hospice?

Through concurrent care, pediatric patients may continue their curative treatments while receiving hospice or palliative care.

It's normal to have questions

How does my child get hospice?

Call us at 1.844.HOH.0411. Anyone can refer a patient to our services. One of our team members will visit your child, assess his or her needs, and work with your pediatrician to determine if your child qualifies for the benefit. Meeting with our team is free of charge and we can help you make an informed decision about your child's care.

It's normal to have questions

What if we change our minds?

The hospice benefit is an elective benefit. Your child can stop it at any time and renew their traditional healthcare. Some of our patients even graduate from hospice and are discharged from services because their condition improves and they no longer qualify. If your child is discharged from services, our team will continue to follow up with you and ensure your child gets the care he or she needs.

It's normal to have questions

Do we have to give up hope to have hospice?

Heart of Hospice does not ask you or your child to be ready to give up hope, comforting treatments, or your pediatrician. Our medical, psychosocial, and spiritual care is tailored to meet you and your child's needs as you define them. You might ask yourself: What do we need to be ready for? Are we ready to be comfortable? Are we ready to have a team to support us where we want to live? Are we ready to have emotional and spiritual support for myself and my child?

When we ask our patients and families about their experience with hospice, most of them say, “We wish we had chosen the benefit sooner.” Readiness isn’t a requirement to receive the quality, comprehensive care hospice provides.

It's normal to have questions

Can we go to the hospital if my child has hospice?

If you and your child need to go to the hospital, you can. Hospice provides four levels of care to meet your child's needs as his or her situation changes, including hospitalization. Routine home care is the basic level of hospice care provided wherever you call home. The benefit also includes continuous care for times of medical crisis to keep your child comfortable at home. When family members need support, the benefit also covers short-term respite care for up to five days in a contracted facility or hospital. Lastly, hospice provides general inpatient care in a hospital or hospice inpatient unit for symptom control that cannot otherwise be provided at home.